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Our Mission

Our mission is to curb the global blight of pollution caused by discarded cigarette butts into the environment while providing a high quality smoking experience.

The Problem

5 trillion cigarette butts become litter every year and most are synthetic filters, resistant to degradation.


In 2012, the International Coastal Cleanup released 25 years worth of data (1987-2012), indicating that cigarettes and cigarette butts constituted…


The Solution

Greenbutts filters are manufactured from a patent pending blend of natural materials, including…

gb_leaf-smal-whtflax, hemp, and cotton

gb_leaf-smal-whtnatural starch based binder

gb_leaf-smal-whtNothing artificial

Since the smoke is filtered through natural fibers, you taste nothing but pure, unfettered tobacco flavor. Rediscover the essence of smoking.


What is a Greenbutt?

A ‘Greenbutt’ is a filter that is made from natural food-grade fibers and contains no plastics or petroleum products. Greenbutts filters rapidly degrade and will dissipate in water within a few minutes..

How did you come up with this concept?

We at Greenbutts recognized that spent cigarette filters are the #1 littered item across the globe. The negative impact of these filters on the environment and wildlife is well documented. It is for this reason, we ventured to bring a natural and rapidly degradable alternative to the tobacco and cannabis industry. 

Aren't all cigarette butts biodegradable?

The synthetic materials in today’s mono-acetate cigarette filters can take up to 15 years to breakdown, however, being a synthetic material, it will only dissipate rather than biodegrade.

Are you telling me that using your filters will make smoking healthy?

We make no claims that our filters make cigarettes safer to smoke. We do, however, believe that mitigating the environmental hazards associated with filter litter is a noble and worthwhile goal.

Doesn't creating a biodegradable cigarette filter encourage more littering?

Greenbutts does not condone littering of any cigarette butts. Always dispose of spent filters in ashtrays or other trash receptacles. If Greenbutts filters do end up discarded irresponsibly, at least we know they will quickly biodegrade and limit pollution.

Are Greenbutts filters patented ?

Yes. Greenbutts LLC holds USA and United Kingdom issued patents and we are in ‘pending’ status for our Canadian patent.

Where can I find cigarettes with Greenbutts filters ?

Greenbutts is not a cigarette company and is not a filter manufacturer. We are the research and development company which formulated and holds the patents to our rapidly degradable filter which mimics the filtration and sensory properties of current acetate filters using natural food-grade fibers. Our focus was to create a viable alternative to the pollution causing acetate cigarette filter. We have been in discussions with various tobacco companies regarding the adoption of Greenbutts filters in their cigarette brands. We hope to achieve this goal through increased consumer demand and/or legislative incentives. Greenbutts is currently seeking a partner in the filter/tobacco industry which has the capacity to manufacture and commercialize this technology to the broader market.



Mervyn C. Witherspoon, UK

Mervyn C. Witherspoon, UK

•Filtrona Filters (now Essentra)
•Acordis Acetate Products
•25 years with Courtaulds

Gavin Dickinson, Switzerland

Gavin Dickinson, Switzerland

•Marketing Intelligence and Marketing Research
•17 years with RJRI and JTI
•Ex-global Camel & Winston Insights and Sensory lead

Bill Eigner, USA

Bill Eigner, USA

•Partner, Procopio: Award winning business attorney for emerging companies
•Stanford University
•University of Virginia School of Law

Byron Springer, USA

Byron Springer, USA

•Chief Counsel of Acquisitions for Intellectual Ventures
•Stanford University
•UCLA School of Law


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